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  • Welcome to SwimIO Vision

    Poolside technology for the monitoring and tracking of swimmers

SwimIO Vision is our optical technology designed to monitor and track swimming pool activity. It uses the latest advancements in 'Computer Vision' to provide game changing data.

About SwimIO Vision

Bring the latest object tracking technology to your swimming pool. From a single fixed camera, SwimIO Vision can give you incredible data and insights into your swimmers. Similar technology has existed for other sports; tennis, football & cricket. SwimIO now brings the latest innovations into the swimming pool.

Head Counts

Track the number of people in the pool. This data can be combined with Active in Time's timetables for in-depth reporting.

Site-Wide Integration

Get the tracking data via an API. You can now display incredibly rich data on scoreboards or your website. Record lap times, lane busyness/speed.

The Swimmer

Fantastic opportunities for your swimmers. Offer them lap-times, lap-counts, social integrations, video teaching and much more.

Simple Technology

SwimIO Vision can monitor a pool from a single elevated position. It can

Show me! Is it magic?

No magic I'm afraid. We're utilizing advanced 'Computer Vision' technology combined with some swimming-specific software. Play the video below.

Keep in Touch

Give us call or drop us a line. We're also hiring.

Daniel Morgan

Founder / Swimmer

We are a London based startup creating the ultimate experience for swimmers in and out the pool. We make a Gym and Swimming iOS app and have worked with many of the worlds best swimming pools and brands like Speedo.

Our Location

4-5 Bonhill Street, Google Campus, London, EC2A 4BX

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